Our Company, animated by a young and active enterprising spirit, has been a pioneer in establishing an Italian distribution network of thinners and solvents .
Initially, our products were mainly of plant origin such as essence of turpentine and pine oil, imported from Asia. Evidence is our logo, which takes inspiration from this activity.
With the growth of the market and from research in the chemical industry, our product range has expanded and evolved to include mainly oil-based products
During these seventy years of steady hard work, we continuously expanded our area of distribution of packed thinners from Italy worldwide, confirming us as one of market leaders.
We can supply solvents and thinners to dye producers , leather tanning industries, manufacturers of ink, mastics, adhesive tapes and paint manifacturers . Our products are related to the petrochemical industry but with different destinations and uses: products for professional construction, protective coatings for wood and iron and a wide range of chemical products in general, for DIY and automotive sectors both for professional applications (body shops, car refinishing) as well as traders in the sector.
Today we operate extensively throughout Italy with a network of our own representatives, paying particular attention to the quality and proper management of all products formulated by following guidelines of Responsible Care and Responsible Distribution programs and l in accordance to the rules dictated by ISO 9000 certification
All our products are packed, transported and marketed in compliance with applicable laws, particularly with regard to the labelling of individual products in terms of safety, updated to reflect the latest EU directives, so to comply with proper handling by the consumer.
All packages have a special secure closure for child safety and braille danger warnings for the blind.
Each product is also available in barrels and in bulk as well as in containers customized by the client